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  • Break (30/05/2009)
    Hello my friends, I would like to announce that my blog will be taking a break for about a month. My older sister (who is like a mother to me), will be arriving Saturday, May 30th from Morocco (Inchaallah), she will stay the entire month of June in the...
  • Chicken Tagine with chickpeas طجين الدجاج بالحمص (27/05/2009)
          Hi friends, I present you a Tagine recipe which is a little different to other recipes of Tagines which I have already prepared. It does not contain a lot of spices, this time I exchanged the spices for a broth, the result was excellent,...
  • Happy Mother's Day (09/05/2009)
      A mother always suffers for her children even before their birth. She has to visit the doctor regularly to make sure that the pregnancy has no complications. She has to pay attention at what she eats, how she moves, her life depends on the baby...
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