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  • clic clic clic (30/10/2009)
    Hello everybody, First I would like to thank Soulef who has two fantastic blogs " amour de cuisine " and " my love of cooking " for having encouraged me to write you this article. Every time I visit a blog, I click the advertisement so that the owner...
  • TAG : Happiness (15/10/2009)
    It is with a great pleasure that I answer a game of tag today which I received from my friend Nadjibella of the blog saveurs et gourmandises . This tag consists in revealing 3 things that make me happy during the day. If you like my recipes, take a look...
  • Another tag (13/10/2009)
    I was tagged by my dear friend Oumotalal from cuisine de oumotalat . I have to reveal you my 3 wishes of life. Actually, I have many (thanks God I am only listing 3 wishes). 1st wish : that my family and everybody are healthy. 2nd wish: return permanently...
  • Florida beach (11/10/2009)
    Hello everybody, today I did not present you a recipe, but in stead photos which I want to share with you. My son has asked me to go to the beach for over a week, I promised to take him because he deserves it, he is great at school. I know that most of...
  • Fougasse with Sun Dried Tomato (10/10/2009)
        Fougasse is typical bread from southern France made   with herbs   de Provence include marjoram, oregano,   thyme and tarragon, it gives the bread a nice scent.       I changed a little bit of the flavor...
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