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  • Barley Couscous كسكسو بلبولة (28/02/2010)
    Hello everybody, today I present to you a recipe from my mother, Couscous made from Barley.When I was small, I hated this kind of couscous and also the Whole wheat Couscous, not only me, but my brother and my younger sister (allah yerhemha),as well. My...
  • Stuffed Zucchinis & Grape Leaves (21/02/2010)
    I present you a recipe of stuffed zucchinis and stuffed grape leaves. I learned to prepare them in Germany. I ate this delight at a Syrian friend's house for the 1st time, I liked it a lot, I asked her immediately for the recipe. Since then, my family...
  • sousoubeauty (14/02/2010)
    Hi my friends, I have the great pleasure to announce the opening of my Arabic blog, sousoubeauty, regarding feminine beauty. It is an Arabic blog, that gives you beauty masks, advice about keeping and cleaning the hair, the skin, the nails and even the...
  • Happy Valentines Day ! (13/02/2010)
    Hope you have a special day... Filled with love and happiness Hope it's as warm as your smile And as wonderful as you are Happy Valentine's Day !
  • Camcorder problem resolved (03/02/2010)
    Hi my friends, As I promised, I would like to give you the latest news about my camcorder. The 1st photo shows my camera which I asked for your help to download the video from the cassette to my computer. Well my husband resolved the problem: he broke...