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  • Cookies with Raisins (26/05/2010)
    I present you an easy recipe of Moroccan cookies, with the flavor of raisins, you can replace them with another flavor, but I recommend that you try them with this flavor, I guarantee you will love them. INGREDIENTS : * 9 oz soft butter * Flour (it depends...
  • Brioche with Cream Cheese (20/05/2010)
    Hi my friends, I would like to thank everyone who comes across my blog , leaves messages or just watches my videos. I apologize to my blogger friends and to those who write to me, if I don't visit you, it's because I am going on vacation and I am working...
  • Chocolate Braid (16/05/2010)
    I present you a Brioche stuffed with chocolate; a nice treat especially for my daughter (3 y) who LOVES chocolate and of course for the whole family. I cut the dough into 3 pieces, I stuffed one Brioche with Chocolate Caramel candies such as Snickers...
  • Chocolate Macaroons (06/05/2010)
    Once again I would like to thank all of you for your visits and for your comments, I apologize to my blogger friends if I am not visiting your blogs. I am very busy at the moment, I will try to answer your emails, I am sorry. I present you a recipe chocolate...
  • Cheese Bread (01/05/2010)
    Today I share with you a recipe of cheese bread using cheddar cheese, a good and moist bread that is very delicious: I made this fresh bread with a big pleasure to my family, because at first, everybody liked it, because it does not ask for molding or...