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  • Layered Meloui with Ground Beef (27/06/2010)
    Melwi is a simple flour-based pancake that can be served with honey and butter, or stuffed with onions, ground meat and spices. This recipe is from Rachida Amhaouch. I invite you to watch the video.
  • My travel to Morocco (09/06/2010)
    The time has come to say to you, my dear friends, that I am leaving to Morocco for the summer, for those who know me, know very well how much I miss my dear country and my family. I am very happy to be able to find my roots, my family, and my country....
  • Snails Tartlets (05/06/2010)
    Hello my friends, I post you a recipe that I prepared a long time ago, I always have a storage of recipes in my computer that are waiting to be published. To tell the truth I am incapable of standing up in the kitchen to prepare recipes for you, I broke...
  • Madelaines with Dates (03/06/2010)
    Everybody knows, that the madelaines have a basic recipe, just like cupcakes. After that, we can "play " with the flavor, which means creating madelaines depending on your taste and budget. I chose dates because I have them all year around. I replaced...