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  • Happy New Year !!! (30/12/2010)
    Wish you Happy New Year 2010. May all your dreams come true
  • Harcha 3- Hercha Moroccan Semolina Bread (29/12/2010)
    Here is Harcha or Hercha prepared in Morocco, is a Moroccan semolina bread which is always present on our breakfast table, this bread is eaten with some honey, some butter or jam. A bread which I like eating especially during the month of Ramadan. The...
  • Chocolate Chips Cookies (28/12/2010)
    Here are the Chocolate Chips Cookies which are very famous here in the USA, I prepare them almost every week for my children who do not stop demanding them. I like to change the flavor each time, this time I a dded chocolate chips, sometimes I add small...
  • Sousoukitchen's Tagines (26/12/2010)
    I always receive questions concerning the Moroccan cooking potsTagines that I have, so I present them to you all at the same time, here is my collection of tagines, I am very attached to this object knowing that it is a part of my Moroccan culinary culture....
  • Buttermilk Rolls (20/12/2010)
    Here is another easy recipe of Breads, Buttermilk Rolls sprinkled with poppy seeds. As you noticed, I like to have Fresh breads in the house every day. I invite you to watch the video
  • Recipes coming up - Sousoukitchen (16/12/2010)
    I share with you the photos of the recipes that I just prepared for you, as you all know (or most of you know), it takes me 3-4 days to finish a single video, so I ask you for a little patience. I thank you for your kind comments and for your support,...
  • Happy New Muslim Year (07/12/2010)
    In the occasion of the new year of the Hegira, I present my sincere wishes of happiness, health and prosperity to all Muslims of the whole world.
  • Lemon Cake Roll (03/12/2010)
    This is a roll cake with lemon, that is stuffed with a lemon cream , I added pieces of pineapple, which you can replace by pieces of apricot or other similar fruit. I invite you to watch the video The video For the roll cake with Chocolate, clic on the...