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  • Crepes Gratin (28/10/2011)
      The crepes gratin with ground meat is   a   recipe from Rachida Amhaouch. I prepared  her recipe and I  filmed it to share with you.   I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article  ...
  • Pineapple & Fresh Ginger Juice (25/10/2011)
            It is a refreshment drink of Pineapple and ginger that I prepared you during the month of Ramadan, but I did not have time of work on the video in order to post the recipe.   I invite you to watch the video at the...
  • Inappropriate advertising (24/10/2011)
    Hello my friends, I write you today because of the ad which was displayed recently on my blogs, it is inappropriate, it is displayed in some countries and in others it is not, anyways here in the USA, I find it all the time, it is true that...
  • Sousoukitchen's Recipes 17 (16/10/2011)
    Ice Cream Cake of Aya    Coconut & Semolina Cookies of Oum Zakina   Flower cookies of Neama   Pastille with Chicken de Neama   Strawberry Juice of Khadi douceur   Cupcakes of Jenna by Hanane  ...
  • Meat and Potato Gratin (14/10/2011)
      It is a simple recipe for Potato Gratin   and ground meat   topped with cheese.   I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article.       I cooked the ground meat in a little bit of oil...
  • Tagine with Vegetables (11/10/2011)
          This is a recipe tagine which was requested by one of my subscribers in You tube, he is a vegetarian, so no meat, a tagine of vegetables, any kind, if you do not like a vegetable, you can replace it with another one, swapping...
  • Cornish Hen stuffed with Couscous (07/10/2011)
        In order to change a little bit from stuffed bread recipes I've been posting (I have more stuffed bread recipes, do not worry), I chose this typical Moroccan recipe, a stuffed Cornish hen with couscous, spiced with fresh ginger and arabic...
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