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  • Briwats with Almonds بريوات باللوز (27/05/2012)
    Sweets play a very important role in the Moroccan diet. Every household has a supply of homemade sweet desserts made from almonds, honey, and other ingredients. Although Moroccans love sweets, they are usually saved for special occasions like Ramadan,...
  • Sousoukitchen's Recipes 20 (23/05/2012)
    This is a new collection of pictures that I received from sousoukitchen's fans, thank you all for your beautiful pictures. I have more pictures that I received recently, I'll post them as soon as I get the chance, I would like to thank you for your nice...
  • Bizzare Food in Morocco - with Andrew (20/05/2012)
    Fez, Morocco It's a menu from the Middle Ages as Andrew heads to Fez, Morocco. He tastes traditional Moroccan foods, including a dish made with camel ribs, meat pies made with pigeons and preserved meat that's considered a national dish. I invite you...
  • American Donuts (19/05/2012)
    Here is the video recipe American Donuts, it allows you to make your own donuts the American way. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the video Sorry my friends, I do not post as often as before, I am very busy but I assure you, I don't forget...
  • Fish Pastilla بسطيلة الحوت (16/05/2012)
    I present you a Fish Pastilla, i t's Phyllo pastry stuffed with seafood, it is a typical dish and highly regarded as a national dish of Morocco. I invite you to watch the video
  • Couscous Teffaya / كسكسو بالتفاية (04/05/2012)
    Today I am going to present you a traditional Moroccan dish "Couscous Teffaya", teffaya means the sauce made with onion which accompanies the dish. We have in Morocco a lot of variety of couscous dishes, Couscous made with meat and vegetable (see my recipe),...