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  • Mini Cheese Cake with Oréo (12/10/2012)
    It is a very simple recipe of Mini Cheese Cake with the famous cake Oréo. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article First prepare the mixture, to place the cookies of Oréo in the papers of cupcakes and pour over t he mixture. These recipe...
  • Msemen stuffed with Meat (11/10/2012)
    I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article I posted you several recipes on video of stuffed Msemen, this time it is a recipe of stuffed Msemen with ground meat and even the way of folding this msemen is different from the others which are...
  • Homemade Honey - Ramadan Special (10/10/2012)
    There were many of you that asked me how to prepare honey at home, here are the pictures and the video, It is a very easy recipe to make, you do not really need a video It's a really good idea to prepare homemade honey, it saves you a little bit of money,...
  • M'hencha à la pastille (10/10/2012)
    I present you a recipe of Mhencha a la pastille. Pastille (clic) as most of you knows, is a Moroccan culinary specialty, a kind of puff pastry, with onion, pigeons ( chicken or seafood), parsley, coriander, egg and almonds, mixture of sweet and salty...
  • Matlou3 مطلوع (Moroccan Bread) (10/10/2012)
    This bread is called Matlou3 supposed to be posted during the month of Ramadan, but I have a big stock of recipes which are waiting t o be posted. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the artcile Honestly it is my favorite bread especially during...
  • Chocolate Mini Loaves (06/10/2012)
    These mini cakes with chocolate chips are one of my favorite. Super soft, delicious and easy to prepare. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article Let me tell you the story of these Mini loaves (as I always used to do ) how I got the idea...
  • Sousoukitchen in Asni - Marrakesh Morocco (05/10/2012)
    No recipe today, but pictures and a video I'd like to share with you. So many of you write me asking how I am and if it's possible to make a video where you can see me. Well watch this video posted at the end to see me. Do not rush the steps, take your...
  • White Bread - Toast (04/10/2012)
    Here is a simple recipe of white bread with golden crust. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article I have presented you several bread recipes in the past, this time it is a white bread with a great golden crust, you can cut it in pieces...
  • Sousoukitchen is talking to you from Riad Rcif (02/10/2012)
    Hello friends and fans, I've promised to post a video in which Sousoukitchen speaking directly to you, this is an exclusive, here it is. But before you watch this video, I'd like you to talk and show you some photos of Riad Rcif where I filmed this video....
  • Pound Cake - Sousoukitchen (01/10/2012)
    I know I promised to post the video in which Sousoukitchen talks directly to you "Sousoukitchen in video in Riad Rcif", I will next time inchaallah. But before that, let me share with you a recipe that I've found. I did not have enough time to post it...