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  • Krichlat Achoura - Moroccan Crunchy Cookies (22/11/2012)
    Krichlat of Achoura's recipe is a request from a fan, I dedicate this recipe to her and I dedicate it to everyone who is far away from Morocco and cannot buy these crunchy and delicious cookies which are sold in every market in Morocco especially during...
  • Stuffed Turkey the Moroccan way (21/11/2012)
    This recipe is a request from my husband who loves Turkey. I was wondering how to stuff the Turkey? Do I use the normal stuffing with oranges and serve it at the end with orange sauce? or something else. So I remembered watching a Moroccan show "Chhiwat...
  • Coco balls كويرات الكوكو (20/11/2012)
    This is a recipe made with coconut flakes, that your kids and family will love, it's easy, delicious and it takes no time to prepare. I invite you to watch the video.
  • Smen on video / السمن (19/11/2012)
    Smen is a kind of preserved aged butter used in Arab and Maghreb cooking. It is described as the most popular cooking butter in Morocco and the Middle East, it's similar to Eastern Ghee, it's left to ferment in a cool dry place. With its deep, pungent...
  • Spicy Moroccan Sauce (Harissa) صالصا حارة مغربية (19/11/2012)
    Moroccan spicy sauce is a hot sauce commonly used in Moroccan cuisine. It adds a kick to pasta, tagines, couscous or any dish that likes a bit of spice. Every family has their own recipe. Mine is very easy, it contains oil, vinegar, garlic and salt. Chilli...
  • Rghayef with Almonds and Honey (19/11/2012)
    As requested , I am posting the recipe Rghayef with almonds and honey for you , which was presented by a guest at Choumicha's show. I will post for you my personal recipe of Rghayef in honey soon. These rghayefs contain more ingredients than usual; almonds,...
  • Tiramisu (18/11/2012)
    Tiramisu is a popular Italian cake, the ingredients are: eggs, sugar, mascarpone, biscuits "Lady fingers", Coffee, cocoa powder, they are separately prepared and stacked in independent layers. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article...
  • Msemen with ground meat رغايف بالكفتة (17/11/2012)
    Msemen or stuffed Rghayef is a recipe of Moroccan bread stuffed with meat and noodles. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article Another kind of Msemen, stuffed with pepers and onions The video
  • It's my Birthday !!! (15/11/2012)
    It's my birthday ! I prepared this cake for the occasion, this is my first marzipan cake. Here is the video
  • Cream Cheese Birthday Cake (15/11/2012)
    Today I have the great pleasure to present you a cake that I prepared a few days ago for my friend Leila's birthday. I prepared two sponge cakes that I stuffed with cream and walnuts. I covered the cake with a mixture of cream cheese. Then I decorated...