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  • Chicken Puffs (13/11/2012)
    These puffs are stuffed with a delicious creamy chicken mixture and baked. It is a quick and tasty way to use left over cooked skinless boneless chicken, a perfect party recipe . The video
  • Homemade Mille feuille1 (09/11/2012)
    At the request of some of my subscribers from You tube, I present you my home-made Mille Feuille. You know, in my home town Kénitra in Morocco, there is place square called "Khebbazat", it is a place full of stores, coffee shops, restaurants, salesmen...
  • Daim Cake - Ikea's cake (08/11/2012)
    Here is another recepie request from a fan, the famous DaimTart which is sold at Ikea. This Tart is made with almond flour, covered with a condensed sweetened milk cream and crushed daim candies and chocolate. To tell you a little bit about the flavor...
  • Harcha - Country Semolina Bread (07/11/2012)
    I've already posted 3 recipes of Harsha, but this one is special, it comes from the country, baked in a traditional oven, as you'll see in the video at the end of the article. Undo edits I filmed this recipe during summer time in Morocco to share it with...
  • Meat balls Tagine طجين بالكفتة (06/11/2012)
    Before presenting you the recipe today, Meat balls Tajine طجين بالكفتة, let me present you my new tagines that I received as gifts from my friend. She knows very well that I'm madly in love with all kinds of Tagines. Thank you my friend for this beautiful...
  • Mini pizza (05/11/2012)
    Everybody knows pizza. I have chosen them to be "mini" this time after the request of my son who did not stop asking me to prepare them. What I like in pizza, is that we can really use all the topping which we like. Check out my normal pizza recipe here...
  • Tagine with Peas and Fennel (05/11/2012)
    Here is a great Tajine of the season, with fresh vegetables, I chose fennel and peas because they are a good combination for a delicious tagine with a sweet flavor. You can add potatoes if you wish (especially for your children ). I post you the video...
  • Mini Cake with Apricot (05/11/2012)
    Hello everybody, today I bring you a simple recipe for mini cake, you can use a cupcake pan or simply a normal cake pan. I added a little bit of canned apricots, you can replace them with pineapple or any other fruit. I decorated them with what I had...
  • Tagine Sardine Balls (03/11/2012)
    Here is the recipe of Tagine Balls of Sardine that my sister Hayat prepared in Morocco, a very easy tagine to make. As you all know, Morocco is very rich in sardine ( unfortunately it's not the case here in the USA), we prepare the sardines of different...
  • Pumpkin Jam (02/11/2012)
    This is a very easy jam, it 's almost the same procedure used to prepare other jams, I added lemon and orange, this gave a delicious fresh taste that everybody liked. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article The video