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  • Happy New Year 2013 (31/12/2012)
             I wish you a happy new year filled with much joy, happiness, health and prosperity. Happy New Year 2013.
  • Marble Madeleine / مادلين بالشوكولا (30/12/2012)
      Why I started baking Madelaines ? I was tired of paying 5 to 6 dollars per package ( about 6 pieces ) at the grocery store. My daughter Jenna -Aicha loves them and sometimes they were the only thing that she would eat. Since they were gone within...
  • Moroccan Bread on video خبز مغربي (24/12/2012)
      Here is the recipe of the famous Moroccan homemade bread that every Moroccan family prepares every day. It is always accompanied by   tagine.   I invite you to watch the video             The women in the...
  • Buche de Noel - Roll Cake (21/12/2012)
      For the occasion of Christmas, I share with you this cake which I prepared for my family, it is an easy cake which does not ask either for much effort or for a difficult technique. I stuffed it with orange jam and covered it with a butter cream....
  • Chicken Tagine of my Brother (18/12/2012)
           I present to you "Chicken Tajine,    Onions and Raisins"     a very special recipe, prepared ​​by my brother. I post the video today because is it his birthday, "Happy birthday my dear brother."...
  • Strawberry Bavarois (17/12/2012)
            Today I present you a Bavarois with strawberries which I like it,  it is very easy to prepare. To have a really good result, leave it in the refrigerator over night   and eat it the next day. I invite you to watch...
  • Honey Rolls (17/12/2012)
      There is nothing better than fresh rolls warm straight out of the oven. These rolls are soft and tender. I made two dishes from the dough, I drizzled one with the glaze and I brushed the second one with jam and orange blossom water.   The...
  • Sousoukitchen's Participation on Maroc Web Award (17/12/2012)
    Maroc Web Awards started on Dec 03 (I am late). Originaly I was not going to join the competition, one of the reasons is: I wish they could show the ranking according to votes during the competition and not when it is over. Some of my fans sent me emails...
  • Poppy seed Knots (15/12/2012)
    The current recipe is a bread with poppy seeds, ideal for breakfast.     The video    
  • My Birthday Cake with Marzipan 2012 (13/12/2012)
              I share with you my birthday cake     for this year 2012.         This is the first time I prepared     a Marzipan Cake.         To be honest...
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