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  • Hot and Cold Squid dishes (31/01/2013)
            Calamaris is a great seafood. There are so many   delicious dishes   that you can make with Calamari,   here are two of my favorite.     The video     
  • Tangia on video الطنجية (31/01/2013)
            Today's recipe is Tangia, it's a specialty dish from Marrakesh (Morocco) where my sister Hayat lives. She gave me this recipe which I really like. I hope you like it too. I dedicate this video to her, she is a very kind person...
  • Lemon Tartlets (29/01/2013)
          At the request of one of my subscriber in you tube, I prepared these   lemon tartlets (for the first time). I admit that I was not satisfied by the   "look" at the time of taking them out of the oven, I always have this...
  • Potato Bread (29/01/2013)
          Here is another easy and delicious bread recipe, this time   It is prepared with potatoes, I used   a little bit of the water in which I have cooked potato    to give the bread more flavor....
  • Chocolate MarzipanCookies (29/01/2013)
          On the occasion of El Eid, I present you these recipe   of biscuits   with almond paste and chocolate.     A simple dough with the flavor of coconut,   stuffed in almond paste   and decorated with...
  • Chicken Tagine with Zucchini (26/01/2013)
        Before presenting you the recipe, I want to tell you       a secret, I am in love with Tagine, any kind , this Moroccan  pot fascinates me that there is not a week that passes  without preparing one. When I...
  • Orange & Chocolate Cheese Cake (24/01/2013)
            Here is the video of the Cheese cake       r ecipe light cheese with chocolate orange   flavor which I promised to post. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article     ...
  • Eid Mobarak Said !! (24/01/2013)
  • Cardamom Cookies (22/01/2013)
    Here are other types of cookies that you can make at the last minute for El Eid, they are easy to make. I used cardamom , you can use another flavor. The video  
  • Chebbakiya Bligha بليغة (22/01/2013)
    Hello my friends, This current recipe presented to you from my friend Leila , she was so kind to share it with us and prepare it on video. This recipe belongs to her. I thank her deeply for the work and the generosity.   The texture of these biscuits...
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