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  • Makrout مقروط - Ramadan Special (22/01/2013)
    Today I present you a cookie which is always present on our tables during Ramadan, made of semolina, stuffed with a date filling, flavored by the water of orange blossom and cinnamon, dipped into honey. The video and the recipe of homemade Honey HERE...
  • Chicken pot pie (22/01/2013)
    A delicious chicken pie made from scratch with carrots, peas, rutabaga and celery. It has a great crust made with corn meal, flour and butter. It's easy and delicious, just try it, believe me you won't regret it. The video
  • Birthday Cake with Cream Chantilly كعكة عيد ميلاد (19/01/2013)
    Ice Cream Cake recipe coming up soon. I made this cake and the ice cream cake for my husbands birthday, I wanted to make something a bit different than a typical birthday cake. Although he did not have much of it after the birthday guests left. The v...
  • Briochettes Tropéziennes (14/01/2013)
    This is a recipe for Brioches Tropeziennes with frangipane cream. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article To talk a little bit of the video: I would like to announce you that this is the first video posted with my own voice (tell me...
  • Brioche with Raisins بريوش بالزبيب (14/01/2013)
    A delicious Brioche that everybody likes, you can stuff it with chocolate chips or raisins, or even both. I invite you to watch the video The video brioche, brioche parisienne, gateaux, pain, thermomix, chocolat
  • Bissara/ Moroccan Fava Bean Soup (13/01/2013)
    Bissara is a popular, economic Moroccan dish, it's light, digestible, it can be served as entree or as main dish. I t is wonderful on cold days. Fava beans can be replaced with peas. The video
  • Sousoukitchen finalist on "Maroc web awards" (11/01/2013)
    Hi Friends, I have good news for you: I'm one of the finalists on "Maroc web awards" competition. Http://www.marocwebawards.com/maroc-web-awards-6-les- finalistes-devoiles/ It is time to move to the second step, I know you would be too many to vote for...
  • Chocolate Caramel Cupcake (01/01/2013)
    This is a recipe for Chocolate caramel cookies, I stuffed them with caramel, I wanted to decrease a little bit of the chocolate flavor by adding caramel. I was asked to make this recipe by a faithful Youtube subscriber "I hope that your father in law...