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  • Orange Cake (28/02/2013)
    It is a simple recipe and it tastes great. I must say the cake was gone on the same day. I invite you to watch the video at the end The video
  • Chocolate Waffels (27/02/2013)
    For two weeks I made waffles without chocolate. The waffles iron burned almost half of the waffles. I was furious and I asked myself , am I the problem and I tried to find excuses to hide my failure. I was curious to know the answer, so I threw away this...
  • Moroccan coffee with spicesقهوة مغربية بالتوابل (26/02/2013)
    Drinking hot drinks, Especially tea and coffee, is part of the local culture in Morocco. There are a lot of ways to improve the taste of a cup of Moroccan coffee. Today, I want to share with you my personal favorite recipe. I invite you to watch the video...
  • Pastilla with chicken (Mini) (19/02/2013)
    Here are my mini Pastillas that I prepared for my dear husband, who does not stop asking for it, they are stuffed with chicken, a mixture of eggs and almonds, they are stuffed with the same ingredients that I used to prepare the chicken pastilla. I also...
  • Argane Rolls خبز باركان (17/02/2013)
    Hi my friends, today I'm going to present you a nice and delicious fresh bread made with Argane oil. I like to use this oil in my recipes, bread, salad and Amlou. You can of course substitute Argane oil with any other oil or even butter. I invite you...
  • Valentin's Heart Cake (14/02/2013)
    I prepared two Valentin's Heart Cakes, one for my family and one for my colleagues at work . I baked the same sponge cake that I used for my "Butterfly Cake" I've already posted, the same cream and the same frosting. The result is excellent: a great sponge...
  • Moroccan snowballs كعك مغربي (12/02/2013)
    Snowballs is a very popular recipe in Morocco. Learn how to prepare Moroccan snowballs called "Ahmed and his brother" "احمد واخوه" by following this easy steps. It's my mother's recipe, God bless her and protect her. Je vous invite à regarder la vidéo...
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes (09/02/2013)
    A simple recipe of cupakes called "Red Velvet Cupcakes", super soft, with a vanilla flavor and cream cheese frosting. In America, they are called "Red Velvet Cupcakes". I used different molds shapes as I showed in the video, to give you the choice to...
  • Palmiers Cookies (04/02/2013)
    Here are Palmiers Cookies, I prepared them with a pastry dough, but if you want to make your own puff pastry, you will find it in my recipe "Mille feuille 100 % Homemade on Video" . I added a flavor of coconut and pecan nut, you can prepare them just...
  • Msemen Rghayef Meloui رغايف ملوى مسمن (04/02/2013)
    Msemen is Moroccan Crêpes(Pancakes) which we call Rghayef or Meloui, this kind of crepes is present on our Moroccan table especially during Ramadan. We also prepare with this Msemen a traditional Moroccan dish "Rfissa" which you will find HERE. The v...