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  • Vegetables Tagine 2 (30/03/2013)
    Are you in the mood for vegeterian Tagine ? Je vous invite à regarder la vidéo à la fin de l'article I already posted another Vegeterian Tagine recipe HERE . The video
  • Rice and Tuna salad سلطة ارز و تونا (29/03/2013)
    This is a simple and delicious rice salad with tuna fish, vegetables, olives, flavored with olive oil and mayonnaise.The thing that is nice about this salad is that you really use what you have on hand. This salad can be a side dish or a main dish. The...
  • Peanut Butter Cookies (28/03/2013)
    Hi friends, today I would like to share with you a type of Peanut Butter Cookies, you can replace the peanut butter by almonds, they are tender and very delicious. INGREDIENTS : * 1 1/4 cups flour * 3.4 oz powdered sugar * 8 Tbs soft butter * 1/2 tsp...
  • Lemkhenfer (Moroccan pancakes) المخنفر (27/03/2013)
    Here is another recipe from my friend Leila, she was the one that prepared it in this video.Lemkhenfer is a little bit like Beghrir (click), only Lemkhenfer, is cooked from both sides.I liked these Pancakes a lot especially with some honey and a little...
  • Nutella Cake (26/03/2013)
    This recipe for Nutella Cake is easy, especially for beginners. It can be served any time, I personally prefer it at breakfast. Before the recipe, let me thank you again and again for your comments which are too numerous. For those who ask me about videos...
  • Kumquat & Tangarine Jam (24/03/2013)
    The current recipe is a recipe for Kumquat and Tangarine jam. I poste you the video at the end of the article I have discovered this fruit here in Florida for the first time, during the state fair, a festival which gets organized every year. Kumquats...
  • Corn Bread (23/03/2013)
    I love this american bread ! They serve it here in the USA restaurants, when I tested it for the first time in a restaurant, I fell in love with it, its texture remindsme of our Moroccan Semolina Bread "El Harcha" . It's very tender and very delicious...
  • Easter Brioche (21/03/2013)
    Here is a new recipe "Easter Brioche" This recipe was prepared for Tastemade, Youtube channel which includes food lovers around the world This recipe appears on the list of recipes for Easter. Brioche recipe is very easy. especially if you own a bread...
  • Brownies with White Chocolate (16/03/2013)
    Here is another recipe for Brownies, this time with white chocolate and three walnuts,but you can add only one or two nuts. I invite you to watch the video Another Brownie click HERE . The video
  • Beef Tagine with plums طاجين بلحم البقر و البرقوق (13/03/2013)
    Tagine is a dish which combines oriental spices, sweet and salty. The success of the dish depends especially on how It's cooked : it must be cooked slowly so that all the ingredients mix together. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article...