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  • Empanadas - EMPANADILLAS recipe (31/07/2013)
    Empanadas are common to many cuisines. In Spain and Mexico. They can be stuffed with either sweet or savory fillings, a blend of ground beef and tomato is typical. In India, the samosa is a common roadside food. It can be stuffed with meat or vegetable...
  • Chebbakiya Recipe الشباكية (30/07/2013)
    I present you a second version of Chebbakiya, it is an easy recipe especially for those who have difficulty in shaping the common chabbakiya which everybody knows. I was inspired by Choumicha, I added my own personal touche to the recipe. Here is the...
  • Fruit Juice Recipe (27/07/2013)
    Juice Fruits Recipe A simple and refreshing juice with only few ingredients. I invite you to watch the video at the end The video
  • Rziza Handmade by My mother (26/07/2013)
    Here is Rziza from my mother that most of you have been awaiting, Rziza prepared by the machine, that I posted you recently, you will find it . HERE We eat Rziza with some honey or we cut it in pieces like meloui and we serve it with a sauce of chicken,...
  • Rziza with the machine by my sisters (25/07/2013)
    Here is the recipe for Rziza, that many of you asked me for. Although Rziza is sold in every street corner in Morocco, I was absolutely anxious to prepare it in my home land for those who asked me for the recipe and especially for those who are far from...
  • Stuffed Batbout with hot dogs-بطبوط معمر (24/07/2013)
    بطبوط معمر Stuffed Batbout with Hot Dogs Here is the recipe of Stuffed Batbout with hot dogs. You will find the recipe of Batbout stuffed with meat & veggies HERE . I invite you to watch the video at the end It's very important to let batbout rise for...
  • Ramadan in Fes (23/07/2013)
    During my stay in Fez, I've filmed a few recipes which were prepared during the month of Ramadan, Most of these recipes can be prepared in the street as you will discover in the video that I posted at the end of the article. This photo was taken from...
  • Avocado Juice - Dry Fruits- Ramadan Special (21/07/2013)
    Today I would like to share with you another recipe of Juice (I know that you need it especially during Ramadan), A juice of Avocado with dried fruits, dates, grapes and almonds. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article The video
  • Chocolate Petit Pain (the simple way) (21/07/2013)
    Hi my friends, I present you today a recipe which I discovered by preparing "Chocolate Custard Brioche" (photo below). When I prepared these brioches, I noticed that the dough is exactly the same to make Croissant and Petit Pain au Chocolate, this recipe...
  • Mini Pastille with Chicken and Mushrooms-بسطيلة (19/07/2013)
    Here is a recipe of Mini pastille بسطيلة I stuffed them with some cheese, fresh mushrooms and chicken, in order to c hange a little bit from the traditional stufing with are chicken , eggs and almonds. Here are other recipes of Pastille HERE . I invite...