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  • Jben-Moroccan Fresh Cheese recipe-وصفة الجبن (18/07/2013)
    Jben-Moroccan Fresh Cheese recipe Jben is the moroccan version of a fresh homemade cheese. Originally from the Rif mountain, in the north of Morocco. I invite you to watch the video at the end JBen is very popular in Morocco, it is prepared often at home,...
  • Beet Juice - عصير الباربا (17/07/2013)
    Once again a recipe of juice, this time it's a Beet juice with orange عصير الباربا. A recipe that I often prepared personally. The taste is magnificent with a mixture of flavor, sour and sweet at the same time adding at that the beautiful color of this...
  • Stuffed Dates التمر معمر (16/07/2013)
    Here is a simple way to eating dates especially during this month of Ramadan, stuffed with almonds and walnuts, if you do not want to add colors, leave it natural. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article The video
  • Baghrir 3 (Moroccan pancakes) (15/07/2013)
    Although I have already posted the recipe of Baghrir, you will find it HERE, I show you today a recipe of my sister Hayat. Her recipe contains more ingredients than mine, but the result is the same. You will find the video at the end, it was filmed in...
  • Msemen Stuffed with Chicken (14/07/2013)
    I posted you several recipes before for stuffed Msemen , Mhajebs or Mahjouba ( as our Algerian friends call it), Msemens stuffed with shrimps, meat ground meat... This is the first time that I post a recipe of Msemen stuffed with Chicken. I invite you...
  • Fish fillet tagine طجين شرائح السمك (13/07/2013)
    A tasty Moroccan dish with fish, you can use a normal pot if you don't have a Tagine. I invite you to watch the video at he end of the article The video poisson, thermomix, tajines, marocaines, algerienes, sousoukitchen
  • Homemade Fillo Dough- Ramadan Special (13/07/2013)
    Homemade Fillo Dough-Ramadan spcial I got a lot of request asking me a video of homemade fillo dough. I invite you to watch the video at the end The video
  • Mhencha with Homemade Fillo Dough (13/07/2013)
    Mhencha with homemade Fillo Dough-Sousoukitchen M'hencha is a moroccan traditional dessert prepared with fillo dough that I prepared at home (recipe on the blog). Mhencha is stuffed with grilled almonds, cinnamon and sugar. I invite you to watch the video...
  • Zlabia - Ramadan Recipe الزلابية (11/07/2013)
    Zlabia الزلابية is the reference cake of Ramadan. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article Zlabia is a delicious cake, appreciated by everyone (the favorite cake of my husband), it has the form of crunchy spiral, with yellow-orangy branches...
  • Chicken rolls with cheese (03/07/2013)
    Chicken rolls are delicious and easy to make. There are many different kind of stuffing, this is one of my favorite. The video