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  • Quick Easy Sponge Cake (31/08/2013)
        Here is the recipe for a sponge cake, quick and easy to prepare, it will  be presented to you by my little princess Jenna-Aicha as you will see on the video posted at the end of the article.       You can  add different...
  • Kochari recipe - كشري (30/08/2013)
              Here is the Kochari recipe, the famous Egyptian dish that everyone knows. You don't  need to travel to Egypt to enjoy it, I invite you to watch the video in order to try it at home, enjoy !!      ...
  • Fish Balls Tajine (29/08/2013)
    Today I present you a fish  balls Tagine.     It is easy, it is delicious and it is ideal for children to eat fish. The video      
  • Chicken the moroccan way (28/08/2013)
        A traditional Moroccan chicken recipe made   with spices, preserved  lemon, olives, onion   and Smen, tender and ful of flavor.   I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article   Here are the steps...
  • Fish and Vegetable Fritters (27/08/2013)
    Hi my friends, Before telling you about the current recipe, I would like to thank you for your help and for all the information that you gave me to help me resolve the problem with my video. You are really great friends, you assured me that I can count...
  • LambTagine and green beans (27/08/2013)
            There are different tagine recipes in Morocco, this is one of  the most traditional, you can substitute lamb with beef or chicken. All my tagines recipes can be prepared in a normal pot if you don't have a tagine.  ...
  • Orange Chicken with Orange Rice (26/08/2013)
    Although the orange is in both, the rice and the chicken, the taste is light and does not have an overpoweringly citrus taste.   This is the first time I used an orange sauce  for my dish, but I grantee  it won't be the last. The...
  • German Bread خبز الماني (26/08/2013)
            There is nothing comparable like to have a fresh homemade   piece of bread.   I invite you to watch the video          The video      
  • Eggplant bolognaise بادنجال بالصالصا (26/08/2013)
      An easy moroccan recipe, a good combination between the flavor of the meat and the smell of the cheese.     I invite you to watch the video     The video    
  • Sour Cream Birthday Cake (23/08/2013)
      I prepared a lot of birthday cake recipe videos    in the pas  that I posted for you. Simple and easy birthday cakes with marzipan or white chocolate, dark chocolate, cream cheese or  with cream chantilly ... They were all good,...
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