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  • M'hanncha-Moroccan Almond Pastry/محنشة باللوز (21/08/2013)
    M'hancha is a traditional Moroccan pastry consisted of fillo dough sheets and almond paste perfumed with cinnamon and orange blossom water. There are several sorts of M'hancha, I am presenting this one so that it falls just before the month of Ramadan,...
  • Stuffed Manicotti (20/08/2013)
    Manicotti is basically a large pasta tube that you can stuff with many yummy things. You can stuff it with meat, chicken, veggies or cheeses. I stuffed the manicottis with ground meat and leftover veggies from my fridge. The video
  • Chicken & Rice with Spices (20/08/2013)
    This is a recipe of chicken and rice cooked with a lot of spices such saffron, cardamon, cinnamon.. the oriental style. I invite you to watch the video a t the end The video
  • Fish-The moroccan way & Rice سمك مغربي و رز (19/08/2013)
    Hi my friends, Today I am going to share with you a delicious, very easy, and healthy fish recipe from Morocco. Hope you like it. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article The video
  • Almond Bear Claw (15/08/2013)
    This is a new recipe "Almond Bear Claw" As you notice, I am posting you once in a while my old videos. But today, I am posting you a new recipe. I invite you to watch the video at the end We call them "Almond Bear Claw" here in the USA. I don't need to...
  • Fajitas & Taco Sandwich (14/08/2013)
    I present you a recipe of Taco and Fajitas, it might not be the Mexican style, but it's something my family likes and it's a tasty healthy recipe. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article The video
  • White beans with Gedid (Dry meat) (12/08/2013)
    Earlier I showed you how we prepare El Gedid HERE , today I will show you an easy recipe, that we eat in Morocco; white beans with El Gedid, we use this kind of meat in many of our Moroccan dishes, such as Tagines , Couscous ... Here is the link of the...
  • Whole wheat Couscous with Chicken (12/08/2013)
    Couscous is made of tiny grains of dough that are steamed. It's known in North Africa. It most common use, accompanying a stew or savory sauce, much as rice does in other cultures. Most couscous is made of wheat flour. If you want another version of couscous,...
  • Cyrry Chicken (12/08/2013)
    This is my first video using curry, for the curry lovers out there, I hope you like it. Personally I think I will be using curry in more dishes in the future. I invite you to watch the video.
  • Ice Cream Birthday Cake With Strawberries (11/08/2013)
    Birthday cake Ice cream with strawberries If you remember, I said that I had prepared two cakes on the occasion of my husband's birthday, I posted the first one (click here), I promised you that I would post the second one, here it is. Source : Kraftcanada.com...