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  • Couscous with beef-Moroccan recipes (28/09/2013)
        Today's recipe "Chicken couscous" already posted a few years ago, I refilmed this recipe to your requests.   I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article       I used beef to cook couscous  but you can...
  • Sfenj-Moroccan Donuts-Doughnuts Chfenj الشفنج (24/09/2013)
     Chfenj: Moroccan Doughnuts   The sfenj recipe was posted 4 years ago unfortunately the video is no longer working after someone hacked   my youtube channel. You are so many to ask for the video, so I am reposting  it again. ...
  • Chicken and Cauliflour Tajine (23/09/2013)
    I present you a tajine with chicken and cabbage, it's delicious and easy to prepare, what I like in tajine it is that we can replace a vegetable by the other one, for example the cabbage with peppers or green olives for example. The video   &nbs...
  • Fish Tagine-Easy Recipe (20/09/2013)
    Fish tajine the moroccan way   This recipe is  very simple and very tasty.   I invite you to watch the video at the end     The video
  • Brioches with Peach Halves (18/09/2013)
    Today, I would like to share with you a different forms of Brioches that were made from the same dough, I stuffed them with jam, some of them are filled and some of them are drizzled with cream cheese. Try them, I am sure you will like them.   I...
  • Salad recipe-Moroccan kitchen (12/09/2013)
    Salad recipe, simple and easy     Easy, refreshing, healthy, and delicious! Perfect as a side dish, or an entree with some grilled fish or chicken.    I invite you to watch the video at the end   La vidéo  
  • Prune Filled Brioche (10/09/2013)
      Today , I want to share with you a slightly sweet yeast dough   filled with plums and walnuts. You can replace the plums with the same amount of  dried apricots, you don't need to cook them, just soak them in hot water.   I invite...
  • Sunflower Bread (10/09/2013)
          I love to prepare bread recipes, I almost have a fresh bread everyday   at home, I like to fill my kitchen with the tantalizing aromas of homemade bread fresh from the oven ! Honey gives this bread a beautiful color, it...
  • Orange Tart Recipe (09/09/2013)
      Here is a delicious dessert that with it 's zesty orange taste brings a little bit of sunshine to your home. An easy, delicious desert, like the one that you see in the supermarket, but a thousand times better . The video  
  • Tres Leches Mexican Flan Recipe (07/09/2013)
    Recette Flan aux 3 laits-Tres Leches Mexican Flan Recipe     Tres leches Flan means a "three milks" in Spanish. As its name suggests, this flan recipe contains three  different milks: milk, condenced milk and whipped cream. This recipe...
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