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  • Stuffed bell peppers فلافل محشية -Moroccan Recipes (06/09/2013)
    Stuffed bell pepper is a simple recipe to prepare and to enjoy with friends and family. The video
  • Carrot cake كعكة الجزر (04/09/2013)
    This deliciously moist carrot cake is great for holidays, or special celebrations. You don't have to be a skilled baker to make this cake. Just follow the simple recipe, and the ingredients will provide you a moist and flavorful homemade carrot cake....
  • Lemon Birthday Cake (03/09/2013)
    I prepared this Lemon Birthday Cake for two occasions: To celebrate my birthday and the anniversary of my blogs. It's always a great pleasure to share with you my simple recipes. To tell you the truth I had not planned such succes at the beginning, because...
  • Turtle bread (01/09/2013)
    I want to share with you a very simple recipe that kids will love, stuffed with onions, it's yeast bread which is shaped like a turtle . I invite you to watch the video.