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  • Casserole à la sousou (22/10/2013)
    How you can transform the leftover ingredients in the refrigerator in a delicious dish.
  • Apple crepes قطايف بالتفاح (22/10/2013)
    Crepes are very popular all over the world. The recipe is so easy and the ingredients are: flour, butter and milk, that's it . The video
  • Brioche on video برييوش (22/10/2013)
    Brioche is a soft and delicious bread, that you can enjoy by itself or with jellies or cheeses. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article The video
  • Chebakiya-Griwech 1 الشباكية Ramadan Special (22/10/2013)
    Here is the famous Moroccan Chebakiya or Griwech, which is present in every house and on every table during the month of Ramadan. I personally eat them with Harira soup HERE . In Ramadan, you can smell Chebakiya in every street of Morocco. However, it...
  • Beef tagine with Fava Beans (22/10/2013)
    When I saw this beautiful black Tagine in the store here in the USA, I said to myself "I will buy this Tajine whatever it costs", I admit that it was expensive ($65), if we compare this price with our Tagines of Morocco (1st picture), they cost not more...
  • Stuffed vegetables خضر محشية (22/10/2013)
    My favorite way of enjoying veggie is stuffing it.This is one of my favorite recipes, a variety of stuffed vegetables flavored with different cheeses and spices. The video
  • Strawberry dessert (22/10/2013)
    This strawberry yogurt dessert recipe is quick and easy. It uses fresh strawberries. My kids love it, they ask me to prepare it everyday. T The video here
  • Couscous with beef كسكس بلحم البقر (22/10/2013)
    There are different couscous recipes in Morocco but this one is the common one with vegetables. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article The video here
  • Almonds Cookies with Strawberry Jam (22/10/2013)
    For the occasion of El Eid, I present you Almonds Cookies filled with strawberry jam on video, especially filmed for this occasion. I invite you to watch the video at the end Best wishes for Eid el Iftare may Allah bless all of you. The video
  • Lemrouzia / لمروزية (22/10/2013)
    Here is another recipe of El Eid, Lemrouzia, it is a traditional typically Moroccan dish, that combine together a salty and sweet flavor . I personally do not like sweet sauces very much, but this dish is well spiced, accompanied by our Moroccan bread...