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  • Homemade Crescents and Petits Pains with Chocolate (08/11/2013)
    After many requests, I filmed a recipe of "Croissants and Petit Pain au chocolat" for you my dear friends. I already posted this recipe 4 years ago but the video was canceled with my account that was hacked, I unfortunately could not recover the video,...
  • Cupcake with dates (06/11/2013)
    Homemade cupcake recipes are some of the most fun to prepare and bake. They are perfectly sized portions of personal happiness. I added some flavors like cardamom, flax seeds, nuts, dates and sweet potato that I had from my previously recipe "Swiss Roll"...
  • Algerians Cookies with vanilla كعك بالفانيلا (04/11/2013)
    Algerians vanilla cookies, easy and delicious recipe. Ingredients: -1 2/3 cups poached almonds -1/2 cup sugar -1 tsp zest of orange -1 tsp orange blossom -1 tsp vanilla extract -4 Tbsp melted butter -1/2 pound fillo dough -1 egg yolk -1 Tbsp melted butter...
  • Oatmeal Cupcakes (02/11/2013)
    These small delights are made with oatmeal, I added it a few raisins. A simple recipe that asks for nothing but fair pleasure to your children. The video