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  • Chocolate Eclairs Recipe with Pastry Cream (26/03/2014)
    The French Pastry is characterized by its diversity, pastries, cookies, cakes ... I chose to share with you today chocolate eclairs recipe, I stuffed them with pastry cream that I also filmed for you. I added chocolate at the end exactly like the traditional...
  • Krachel Recipe-Moroccan Sweet Rolls/Qrachel-الكريصات أو القراشل (21/03/2014)
    Krachel -Q rachel- Moroccan Brioches Krachel ou Qrachel is a traditional Moroccan sweet bread flavored with sesame seeds...I already posted a Krachel recipe on 2011, my mother's recipe. I posted another recipe Krachel with chocolate on 2009, in the same...
  • Croissant (12/03/2014)
    Making your own croissants is not difficult, there's no special equipment and it's not hard to find the ingredients required. What is necessary is good technique. Once you understand the basics of creating multilayered dough like this, you're well on...
  • Tagine with Sunchokes and Purple Olives (05/03/2014)
    Today's tagine is a little bit special, it contains a unusual vegetable that I used to eat in Morocco, Sunchokes, it's a very simple tagine to prepare, I added purple olives which give a very special flavor to this dish. I invite you to watch the video...