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  • Maakouda - Moroccan Potato Patties Recipe (22/01/2016)
    Maakouda recipe Maakouda-Recipe معقودة البطاطس في الفرن بنكهة مغربية رائعة Maakouda are famous potato patties filled with cheese, very popular in Maghreb, they can be fried in oil or baked, like in the video. Today's recipe is a maakouda with potato patties,...
  • Ghriba peanuts- Traditional Moroccan Cookies (15/01/2016)
    Ingredients 125 gr roasted peanuts 3 eggs 1 Tbs baking powder zest of 1 orange 120 ml veg oil 2 Tbsp sugar flour coconuts المقادير ١٢٥ غرام فول سوداني ٣ بيضات ملعقة كبيرة خميرة كيماوية قشر ليمونة ١٢٠ ملل زيت نباتي ملعقتين كبيرتين سكر دقيق جوز الهند (كوكو)...
  • Borek with ground meat (09/01/2016)
    Turkish borek recipe After lahmacun, here is the borek recipe, a symbol of the Turkish kitchen, very easy to prepare. I invite you to watch the video at the end Ingredients Flour mixture 2 Tbsp veg oil 2 Tbsp flour Stuffing 3 mashed potatoes 1 Tbsp veg...
  • Qatayef recipe (03/01/2016)
    Qatayef Atayef or Atayef is a Syrian pastry dough stuffed with cream crepe, pistachios or walnuts. This is a special dessert served especially during Ramadan. Ingredients 1 cup flour 1 cup fine semolina 1/2 tsp yeast 1 tsp baking powder 2 tbsp sugar 1/4...