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7 avril 2009 2 07 /04 /avril /2009 07:02

I would like to thank Jasmine from the blog  

Art et Cuisine Marocains to have awarded me this honor and offered me this prize, this touches me deeply, especially since it is the 1st time that

I have ever received a prize for my blog,

I will not forget it.Thank you Yasmine!
Now it's my turn to offer it to 5 other blogs..
I admit that it is a little bit difficult because every blog which you see, there is a lot of work hidden, much dedication, and it's a big sacrifice of ones time. /
- Mimicooks
- Chahira's cuisine
-Dove's kitchen
-Ya salam cooking

-Laila's blog




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Summer 13/04/2009 10:17

Sabah, thank you so much for your nice prize, i really really appreciate it!!i am so so sorry for being so late in commenting on this, it just has been so busy for me and my family, i do not even get enough time to read the blogs i love or post on my own blog!!! i am sure you understand.again, thanks for thinking of me and giving me this great prize! i will cherish it forever. :)

yasmina39 09/04/2009 02:03

salam alikom warahmato allah ma chèreC'est avec plaisir ma chère, tu le mérites bien.Bonne journée et à très bientôt inchallah

Chahira Daoud 08/04/2009 12:32

Sousouuuuuuuu,Merci cherie, je t'envoie un grand bisou de l'Egypte, c'etait vraiment une merveilleuse surprise pour moi, c'est tres gentil cherie !!You made my day !!!J'ai bien aime ton blog.Je vais passer par ici chaque jour, ne t'ennuie pas !!! Hahahaha!Merci cherie !! A bientot !!!

limeandlemon 08/04/2009 09:04

Thanx alot Sabah .. really appreciate this .... you really have a great site here ... will let you know when i get to try anything out ... so stay in touch :)... Laila