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9 mars 2009 1 09 /03 /mars /2009 11:50



It's our special Muslim holiday, celebrated by many Muslims throughout the world, commemorates the birth date of our Prophet Muhammed ( sala allaho alaihe wa salam ).
May Prophet Muhammed's ( sala allaho alaihe wa salam ) blessing bring happiness and prosperity... to you and all your loved ones..

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Anonymous 31/05/2009 12:05

salamo'alykoum, oukhty.. c une soeur de france qi técri machaALLAH tn blog mévitera suremen des dispute avc mon mari... je ne savai pa faire la cuisine avan le marriage et je mank dimagination parfoi maintenan qe jai découver tn blog inchALLAh je pourai lui préparer de bne chose... jazakalahokheir,mai juste feté laniversaire de Mohammed salALLAHOU 'alyhi wa salam ces une inovation , ces haramvoila boussah a la prochaie

Summer 12/03/2009 02:57

آسفه على التأخير في التعليق على المقال...كل عام و انت بألف خير و انشاء الله تنعاد هذه المناسبه المباركه عليك و على عائلتك ةو العالمك الأسلامي بخير و سلام