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8 octobre 2013 2 08 /10 /octobre /2013 15:27

Seffa Medfouna en vidéo

Seffa Medfouna en vidéo


This famous Moroccan dish features

a mound of steamed

      Vermicelli with chicken sauce.

Very delicious! 


I invite you to watch the video 



Seffa Medfouna en vidéo

Seffa Medfouna en vidéo

 Seffa Medfouna en vidéo

Seffa Medfouna (9)

Seffa Medfouna (7)

Seffa medfouna 006   Seffa medfouna 008 Seffa medfouna 009

Seffa medfouna 011

Seffa medfouna 014 Seffa medfouna 030



La vidéo 




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Ayie 12/02/2009

This one I don't know how to cook but it looks good.

Anonymous 27/02/2009

Thank you for posting this recipe it looks delicious! I'm hopefully going to try it this weekend. Just one question though you say 1/2 cup of ground pepper, cinnamon and ginger, is that right? It's just 1/2 a cup of each spice sounds alot to me, but if you could just confirm that it's right i would really appreciate it - thank you!

bassouma 27/06/2010

tbrklah vraiment had sfa et magnifique alah y3tk sa7a

llysa 13/01/2011

hummmm, comme j'aime ce plat!!merci sousou et bravo bisous

wendy yaksic yañez 15/02/2013

me estoy volviendo loca para encontrar este video pero es imposible , tanto en youtube como en Ikis. serias tan amable de proporcionarme la receta? Gracias de antemano