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22 janvier 2013 2 22 /01 /janvier /2013 17:20

Hello my friends,
This current recipe presented to you from my friend Leila ,

she was so kind to share it with us and prepare it on video.

This recipe belongs to her. I thank her deeply for the work

and the generosity.

The texture of these biscuits is a little bit like Chebakiya

 (click), the shaping is very easy and does not ask

for a lot of time

I invite you to watch the video

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fériel 16/08/2010 11:11

Huuum macha Allah tes pâtisseries sont superbes!!

rania 15/08/2010 19:45

WOW! I made them and they look great! (can't eat them until 8pm ;)
BUT! my daughter loved them and they smell great! and so simple to make!
My dough was a but sticky to start..and then I couldn't make them as flat as yours so i have 1 or two layers less..any tips for me sousou? but either way! they look wonderful!! i am so grateful for
this recipe!

rania 15/08/2010 05:49

oooohhhhh! I can not wait to make this tomorrow morning!! I would make them now at 12am..but I need ground anise!!
choukran Sousou!! and mbroke Ramadan to you are your family! (I have a baby named Jenna too :)

asma 14/08/2010 14:00

merci sabah pour ces bligha a téster inchallah bon ramadan et saha ftorek

llysa 14/08/2010 08:15

il sont super tes gâteaux! bravo sousou bisous