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21 février 2010 7 21 /02 /février /2010 13:24

I present you a recipe of stuffed zucchinis and stuffed
grape leaves. I learned to prepare them in Germany.
I ate this delight at a Syrian friend's house for the 1st time,
I liked it a lot, I asked her immediately for the recipe.
Since then, my family does not stop demanding it,
I enjoy preparing this dish for them because I like it too.

I covered the pot with the slices of potatoes and carrots,
I added the meat (already cooked for 20 min in the sauce),
I placed the grape leaves and stuffed zucchinis at the top
and covered the whole thing with the sauce... A real delight.


I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article


The video

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البنت السورية 09/05/2011 11:30

ما هدا يلانجي ام يبرق

cikmanggis 13/03/2010 06:50

what a unique recipe and it looks delicious too

Ayie 24/02/2010 11:13

this is very unique sabah!

laila 23/02/2010 19:22

Allah ya3tik assaha looks very healthy and delicious, Thank you:)

oumotalal 23/02/2010 10:12

Tbarkalah 3lik,hadchi dayzou laklam.Bis€€€€€€€€€s.