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22 octobre 2013 2 22 /10 /octobre /2013 14:05


When I saw this beautiful black Tagine in the store here in the USA,

I said to myself "I will buy this Tajine whatever it costs", I admit that it

was expensive ($65), if we compare this price with our Tagines of

Morocco (1st picture), they cost not more than $10, sometimes 3$ .

Its construction is not the same as a normal Tagine that everybody


knows, the bottom is a heavy frying pan, a kind of Tefal (which does

not burn), in my opinion that's what makes this Tagine special.

Today, I prepared a beef tagine with fava beans, I did not find fresh

ones, so I bought them frozen which I found in an Asian store.

The video


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Published by SOUSOUKITCHEN - dans Tagines & Tangia
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Saveurs et Gourmandises 07/11/2009

Coïncidence: j'ai trouvé le même tajine chez Ikéa, cher aussi.Petite, je n'aimais pas les fèves.Du coup adulte, je ne les cuisine pas. Il va falloir que je teste de nouveau.A bientôt.

agenda 07/11/2009

et clicou.....tu fais de tres belles recettes, bisous

sourour 07/11/2009

sabahnour sabah cela concorde bienmerci pour ta gentillesse et tes clicousbises moi meme si on vient plusieurs fois par jour je clique de toute facon seul un clic est pris en consideration avec over ils savent ce qu ils font sinon c est le deluge bises

bouchea 07/11/2009

hum tbarkallah 3lik llah yaatik assaha le tajine génial bisous

JASMINA 09/11/2009

Intersting :)...a teflon tagine!A good find!