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23 octobre 2012 2 23 /10 /octobre /2012 14:07
poisson panie & puree pancake courgette (68)

I love bread. I grew up in a family where
we ate a fresh, home-made bread every day.
I kept this habit to make my own fresh bread,
I like this great smell which fills the whole house,
I enjoy to bake other breads, coming from other cultures, containing different ingredients.



This time, I'll show you how to prepare a very simple bread , with some honey, I used organic wheat flour.
This it is a recipe that I found in one of my German books, Germany is very known for this kind of bread.
The video

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Arlette 18/01/2010

Hello SABAHShall we start with saying congratulation my friend or what a nice healthy looking bread.I just made my dough and its resting...\so glad for you friend.. good luck and all the best.

5 Star Foodie 19/01/2010

This freshly baked bread looks so yummy!

Lazy_Ducky 19/01/2010

Sabah, you made it look so easy to make! I always wnated to try to make bread, i think will start from your recipe!

laila 20/01/2010

Hi Sabah, this bread looks so yummy Allah yatik assaha you still are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

juste pour le plaisir 21/01/2010

il m'a l'air délicieux ! Tu es un vrai chef!:)