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17 février 2013 7 17 /02 /février /2013 21:45
Hi my friends, today I'm going to present you
a nice and delicious fresh bread made with
Argane oil. I like to use this oil in my recipes,
bread, salad and Amlou.
You can of course substitute Argane oil with
any other oil or even butter.
I invite you to watch the video
at the end of the article
1-Pains a l'huile d'argane (5)
On the video, I did not put poppy seeds, but you
can replace them   with  sesame seeds, just

brush  the surface with a little bit of water and
sprinkle with poppy seeds.

1-Pain a l'huile d'argane (4)
1-Pain a l'huile d'argane
1-Grains de pavot
1-Pain a l'huile d'argane (1)
1-Pain a l'huile d'argane (2)-003
1-Pain a l'huile d'argane (3)
1-Pains a l'huile d'argane (1)
1-Pains a l'huile d'argane (4)
1-Pains a l'huile d'argane (5)
The video

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poweredfile 06/03/2014 13:01

I do love cooking very much and I have a great passion towards it .I wish to thank you for sharing us with the photo of Argane rolls .I will definitely try this at home as the recipe seems to be very simple

sabah 16/05/2009 17:03

Thanks Noor for your visit, I really wish I could, but believe me it's hard, because it will be double work for me. I 've tried it before, but after 2 recipes, I couldn't do it anymore. You can't imagine how much work it takes me to do one video, if I spend the time writing my recipes again,there will be less recipes to watch, but anyways, who knows? maybe one day when I get the chance, I will write them all.

Noor 15/05/2009 15:22

ahh I love this, looks amazing. I wish you could write your recipes out so I could use all your recipes. Its so hard to always see the video and your recipes are sooo great mashAllah..

Saveurs et Gourmandises 15/05/2009 12:27

J'ai de l'huile d'argane, donc je note tout de suite ta recette.Merci pour le mot laissé sur mon blog.J'aime beaucoup ton blog aussi. je le signalerai chez moi dans pas longtemps. A bientôt.

نكهة مغربية 14/05/2009 16:07

ماشاء الله خبز تيشهي بالصحة و الراحة