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19 novembre 2012 1 19 /11 /novembre /2012 23:31



Smen is a kind of preserved aged butter used in Arab and

Maghreb cooking. It is described as the most popular

cooking butter in Morocco and the Middle East,

it's similar to Eastern Ghee,

it's left to ferment in a cool dry place.
With its deep, pungent aroma and distinctive flavor,

it enhances many of Morocco's savory dishes,

especially couscous and tagines. 


Here are some of my recipes

that I prepared with Smen.

Moroccan soup called Harira 

Beef tongue 

Rfissa or Madhoussa

Couscous with vegetables 

Chicken Moroccan style 


Couscous teffaya

Now that you have an idea about Smen, take a look

at the video to see how to prepare it.

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nora 20/06/2013 13:04

salem peut on faire des gateaux orientaux avec se smen ? Merci ma chére .

sousoukitchen-en 27/06/2013 16:29

Oui dans certains gateaux.

rania 05/09/2010 06:04

hi sousou,
i have been cooking with smen for the past 11yrs and i never knew how it was made! thanks for the great video! is the butter supposed to be salted or unsalted??

la bordjienne 02/09/2009 07:06

ah la tangia je lavais mangé a marrakech avec mon mari pendant notre séjour, et la tienne a l'air trop bonne merci pour toutes tes recettes et tous le temps que tu prend pour nous faire partager tes belles recettes gros bisous et encore merci sabah

Anonymous 11/08/2009 09:44

Dear madam,I used 250 gram butter, 15 gram fresh oregano [which is not enough I'm afraid], 1 tablespoon salt & 250 ml water. Instead of a spoon or my hands I used the dough hooks of my hand mixer. Can a mixer be used to make smen?How much water does the butter have to absorb before it can be called smen. I drained 160 gram/ml water.Is the temperature of any importance? I made the smen [if that what I made can be called smen] at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius [IMHO very very very warm].How do you recognise smen which is not good anymore?Yours sincerely,M.PS I do like your weblog very much but it takes a lot of time to download it.

Moni 29/07/2009 09:29

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