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3 avril 2010 6 03 /04 /avril /2010 02:00




I prepared this cake to celebrate with you my 200th published

recipe, I thank you warmly for your comments and your

encouragements because of these I arrived at my 200th recipe,

for the future I promise you more simple and delicious recipes.


This is a cake made up of three sponge cakes, actually it's a single

dough divided into three equivalent molds, that gave 3 sponge

cakes, cut in two, so six layers of cake. I stuffed them with two

different stuffings:

 * jam mixed with canned fruits in this case

apricot and pineapple.

*cream with chocolate and instant coffee.


I let you watch the photos and video.







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laila 04/04/2010

Salam Sabah I congratulate you on your 200 recipies, it so easy to say this number but ofcource a lot of hard work and dedication I thank you a lot for that, and I'm praying for you to get well
soon, big hug and kiss you take care azine

Sara 04/04/2010

I am delighted with this recipe ... I feel very good, I'll make sure, thanks for sharing these wonders with us ... kisses!

Arlette 07/04/2010

Oh yummy , can i grab this piece please
Apricot is one of my favourite, and I am missing the flavour of the Baalback Apricot,, they are famous and you cannot find them somewhere else...
Gorgeous cake...

Arlette 07/04/2010

Very sorry forgive me
I forgot to congratulate you on your 200 recipes...
Akbal 1000.000 ya habibty.

heni 08/04/2010

very elegant torte enchallah i will try this out sabah!