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27 janvier 2011 4 27 /01 /janvier /2011 20:03

All about Argan oil



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Published by sousoukitchen-en - dans How..
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Ali 22/05/2011 19:10

Hello, I am disapointed at your videos, in the sense that you should try and have Amazigh music instead of foreign music to our Moroccan culture.. so disapointed.. try to be bit more Moroccan ,

sousoukitchen-en 23/05/2011 02:09

First of all my recipes are accompanied with MOROCCAN MUSIC, unless it is "Copyright", I have to choose the
music from youtube library.
You saw a single video and you judged what is inequitable, you ask me to be Moroccan, I am in spite of you, look at all my videos, read quite all my articles, from
the beginning till the end, then you can open your mouth.


To ask me to put the amazigh music, you believe that it is easy to find the music? I waste a lot of time to choose a Moroccan music (amazigh, Sahrawi,
berbere, folklore) I am not racist, for me all this is Moroccan music.

The music which accompanies the video "Argan", is a MOROCCAN music, but I am sure

you have no knowledge in this domain, if not you would have recognized from the first note that it is typically Moroccan.

"To be disappointed", who cares?? The internet is full of videos, you have to watch other videos, somewhere else, or even if you are interessed and
you are forced to watch my videos, there is a button which is called "Mute".