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15 juillet 2013 1 15 /07 /juillet /2013 17:50

baghrir video2-1


Although I have already posted the recipe of Baghrir,

you will find it HERE, I show you today a recipe

      of my sister Hayat.   Her recipe contains more ingredients

      than mine, but the result is the same.    

      You will find the video at the end, it was filmed in Morocco.


baghrir video7


baghrir video3-1


baghrir video4-1





I invite you to watch the video



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Louly cot cot cot 03/10/2010

bonne journée ! bisous

red 03/10/2010

un pur délice............ merci pour cette délicieuse recette
bonne soirée

Louly cot cot cot 04/10/2010

très bon lundi ! bisous

Samaher 14/09/2012

Salam alaykum :)
Your baghrir looks very nice, i love how it has much pores.
My mom is a Moroccan too,she often makes baghrir. Your baghrir looks prettier and i'm sure it must be very tasty like my mom's
I'm really sad to hear that your site was hacked, i was one of your youtube subscriber. I can understand your feeling and i also feel so angry to the hacker.
I hope soon you can get your account back or maybe you can make a new one. I will help you with everything,if only i could do that.
Anyway, i know it's late but i just want to say mbark w acherkom! :)