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24 novembre 2011 4 24 /11 /novembre /2011 04:59
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
  Here is the cake that my daughter
Jenna Aicha prepared for my birthday.
 She absolutely wanted the birthday cake
to be a butterfly
I invite you to watch the video (Part 1 and 2)
 at the end of the article
Do not forget to leave comments to Jenna-Aicha .
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
First of all I apologize if I delayed posting you this recipe, I had a problem with the program which I use to work the video. I worked on it almost one week, I wanted to post it complete in a single video but it was  impossible, I canceled and cut several stages. Still the video was too long to post, so I divide it into 2 parts. This is my first video posted into 2 parts.
I admit that this video makes me feel so tired .

 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
   This recipe of Butterfly birthday
cake is an easy recipe.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 A delicious, moist cake, because 
of the syrup which is prepared with white chocolate
to brush the sponge cake with.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
You can decorate the cake as you wish.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 To prepare this Butterfly birthday cake,
you do not need a mold to make it.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
It is necessary to prepare a normal sponge cake.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
Let the sponge cake completely cool
before decorating it.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 Cut a little from the surface of the cake in order 
to make it flat. Open the cake into two and stuff it
 (if you wish).
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
Turn  the cake around, cut the center into two.
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon 
    Place a toothpick in the middle of each side. Place
the other one below (the video explains everything). 
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
Cut both sides as on the video. 
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
I prepared two different creams, 
one to stuff the cake and the other one 
to cover it with completely. 
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
To decorate this butterfly birthday cake, 
I used some icing sugar with a little milk.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 You can decorate with some melted chocolate.
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon 
The video  (Part 1)  
The video  (Part 2)

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AMINA 29/11/2011 12:35


oumotalal 25/11/2011 09:10

Je te souhaite une Joumou3a moubaraka inchaallah.
Que Allah protège ta jolie princesse inchaallah.

llysa 24/11/2011 20:46

joyeux anniversaire! Aicha est adorable, je me suis régalée en visionnant la vidéo bravo et merci pour le partage

saida 24/11/2011 17:10

Happy birthday Sousou o tbark llah 3la bnita llah y7fadha machallah 3liha ghzala :)