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22 octobre 2013 2 22 /10 /octobre /2013 14:09

Chebakiya-Griwech الشباكية Recette de Ramadan 


Here is the famous Moroccan Chebakiya or Griwech,

which is present in every house and on

every table during the month of Ramadan.

I personally eat them with Harira soup HERE.


In Ramadan, you can smell Chebakiya in every

  street of Morocco. However, it is not limited just 

for Ramadan, you can eat them during any time of the year.

I post you the video at the end of the article


Chebakiya-Griwech الشباكية Recette de Ramadan 


I reposted the recipe for you because I wanted

to show you the steps to make Chebakiya.


It is very important to indicate that it is necessary

 to sift all the dry ingredients, if not the dough

will tear while you form Chebakiya.


Chebbakiya de Ramadan (14)


First you will need these pastry Roulette

or these cutters specially for  Chebakiya.


Chebbakiya de Ramadan (1)


Knead the dough well and cut it in 4,

wrap them in a foil and place them in the refrigerator. 


Chebbakiya de Ramadan (2)


  the pastry form of Chebakiya are sold in

various forms, small and large, I know that

you're going to ask me where I bought them,

well as usual in Morocco .


Attention: it is necessary to flatten the dough well,

because the dough contains yeast, this means

Chebakiya is going to rise while cooking. 


Chebbakiya de Ramadan (5)


You will have 5 strips. 


Chebbakiya de Ramadan (15)


You take number 1, 3 and 5  without cutting the square. 

Place your finger in the inside  of these three strips. 


Chebbakiya de Ramadan (6)


  Then you take both ends:

The end which is at the top and the other which is below.


Chebbakiya de Ramadan (7)


  Bring  them together in the inside and pulling them through.


Chebbakiya de Ramadan (8)


  Open Chebakiya to give to it

a flower shape.


Chebbakiya de Ramadan (16)


 Place Chebakiya on a baking sheet. Work all the dough so.


Chebbakiya de Ramadan (9)


Deep-fry them as soon as you finish

forming Chebakiya. 


Chebbakiya de Ramadan (10)


Chebbakiya de Ramadan (3)

Chebbakiya de Ramadan (17)


This honey is home-made, I already 

posted the recipe and the video ICI


Chebbakiya de Ramadan (18)


  Let Chebakiya absorb the honey a few 

min before draining it.


Chebbakiya de Ramadan (19)


  Sprinkle with sesame seeds

or crushed almonds.


Chebbakiya de Ramadan (11)


The video


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Noor 07/05/2013 14:09

These are my absolute favorite Ramadan sweet mashAllah they look amazing.

rose 27/07/2011 01:42

thank you so much sabah, you are our saver in this country, you help us a lot.
ramadan moubarak said

Linaryan 25/07/2011 23:51

Hummmmmmmmm ca sent le ramadan !

llysa 25/07/2011 20:32

merci pour la recette Soussou! je ne suis jamais arrivée faire une belle forme, mais je vais m'y mettre en suivant tes images et conseils!! rhamadan karim bises