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6 octobre 2012 6 06 /10 /octobre /2012 19:01
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic blog4
        These mini cakes with chocolate chips
are one of my favorite. Super soft,
delicious and easy to prepare.

   I invite you to watch the video
at the end of the article
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic blog3
       Let me tell you the story of these Mini loaves
(as I always used to do )

  how I got the idea to prepare them:
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic blog
    I was with my daughter at her school,

she choose these mini chocolate cakes

"Chocolate Mini Loaves" for breakfast.

I watched her sitting next to her friend who
took exactly the same thing, they were eating
    the mini cakes with great pleasure and a great
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic
   Their surprise was big when I told them

    that I'm going to prepare these little

cakes that same evening.
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic blog1
  The only difference between those and my cakes

    from the school, their cakes are prepared

with blueberries and mine are prepared

with chocolate chips, I also added

a tablespoon of poppy seeds. 
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic blog2
    Once back home Jenna-Aicha.    
she said she was proud of me,
especially in front of her friend.
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic blog5
    The video 
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