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10 décembre 2012 1 10 /12 /décembre /2012 07:47



    Here is the Couscous with chicken that Mama  Fatima

prepared during my visit to their Riad, " Riad Rcif"


if you have not seen the video in which I speak


to you in person, it is HERE, go see it and return


to watch the video for Couscous prepared


in the same Riad by mama Fatima.



Couscous de Mama Fatima (15)


    This gass3a was prepared for

our ftour during Ramadan.






Here I am , I felt like a pincess in a wonderful paradise, for more picture HERE.



Couscous de Mama Fatima (12)


    This is Mama Fatima
preparing our traditional Moroccan dish

"Couscous with Chicken" (allah ye3tiha Essaha).



Couscous de Mama Fatima (11)



A lovely woman who is wonderfull
She agreed to share with us some

culinary secrets like for example to mix

fine couscous with a coarse one 

 I never thought to do that before. 



Couscous de Mama Fatima (4)


    Mama Fatima prepared couscous with some

vegetables carrots, cabbage, zucchini.

She added potatoes  because a tourist
requested it.



Couscous de Mama Fatima (6)

Couscous de Mama Fatima (3)

Couscous de Mama Fatima (1)



   Here is the couscousier of Mama Fatima:

a pressure cooker with the top that helps

couscous to steam.



Couscous de Mama Fatima (2)

Couscous de Mama Fatima (5)


          A nice pottery of Riad Rcif



Couscous de Mama Fatima (8)

Couscous de Mama Fatima (14)



Together in the kitchen of the Riad,

Mama Fatima and me Sabah "Sousoukitchen"



Couscous de Mama Fatima (9)


    The video



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