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24 septembre 2012 1 24 /09 /septembre /2012 14:50
 Financiers au Beurre Noisette
What to say about this cakes with Hazelnut Butter ?
It is really necessary to try them in order to know it.
 All that I can say to you that this cake is
I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article
 Financiers au Beurre Noisette
From the outside, it is golden brown, but the inside,
It is very soft, with the flavor of almonds,
a wonderful flavor which really leaves the tongue
dancing from pleasure.    
 Financiers au Beurre Noisette
  It is important to indicate that the presence
 of two ingredients is very important in these recipes,
the browned butter and the almond flour.
Financiers au Beurre Noisette
You can make them with any mold,
 muffing pan for example, as I made
Financiers au Beurre Noisette
The financiers are traditionally made
with the browned butter, which we obtain by warming
the butter on a moderate fire, by mixing until
getting a golden brown color, it is necessary to make
sure not to burn it.
   Financiers au Beurre Noisette
   Financiers au Beurre Noisette
  It is important to flour and butter the mould,
this allows to easily remove the financiers from
the mold after baking.
Financiers au Beurre Noisette
 Financiers au Beurre Noisette
  The video

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kaki 28/10/2011 17:06

merci boc pour votre blog jenyal merci boc

Safiyah 22/10/2011 19:33

OK, I just realized that maybe the flour you used is self-rising, is that the case? If so could you please add that to the recipe, as it's vital information? Thank you!!

Safiyah 22/10/2011 19:31

Hi! I noticed that in the video, you do not add any kind of leavening. I didn't realize this until I made them, they were SO flat!
Can you please tell me how much baking powder, or baking soda to add to the batter? Thanks!!

sousoukitchen-en 23/10/2011 02:05

Safiyah, there is no baking powder nor baking soda, the ingredients are exactly like I mentioned in the video, for every video, I make sure that my fans get the exact ingredients and the steps, I
know that it will cost them time and money .