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3 février 2012 5 03 /02 /février /2012 14:33
The recipe I am presenting today is very original
because it is a homemade "Galette des Rois" ​​from A to Z.
For those who know me, know very well that
I prepare everything from A to Z, yes cooking is a challenge!

I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article
1-Galette des rois 071
  In my opinion, it is not worth buying the dough
from the store just to fill it, I am making all parts 
 in order to show to you how to make everything. It is
really interesting to prepare the puff pastry
at home, from the flour to the cake,
this is a true ability !
1-Galette des rois 064
 we realize at first bite it's worth
the effort and it sure since my first puff pastry
"Mille feuille" HERE
I avoided buying puff pastry from stores.
1-Galette des rois 061
Do not hesitate to prepare a puff pastry,
believe me it is very easy, you just need time for that.
I have not filmed how to prepare it this time because I

already posted the puff pastry in the "Mille-feuille" recipe HERE.

I have explained so well that you can not miss it.

1-Galette des rois 034
For the form of cake, it should be cut with a cylinder,
if you don't have it, just put a round plate over the dough
and cut around it with a knife.
1-Galette des rois 045
1-Galette des rois 046
  Fill the cake with a stuffing made ​​with almonds.
1-Galette des rois 048
Brush the edges with a mixture
milk and egg yolk.
1-Galette des rois 049
Seal the edges very well with a fork,

if not all stuffing comes out during cooking.
1-Galette des rois 036
To have a beautiful cake, brush
the surface with milk and egg yolk.
1-Galette des rois 051
1-Galette des rois 057
1-Galette des rois 063
    The vide
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