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24 novembre 2012 6 24 /11 /novembre /2012 16:27

Harira (Soupe Marocaine) حريرة



The video at the end of the article

is not clear, I will post a new

video as soon as I can.



Harira (Soupe Marocaine) حريرة 


Harira is a Moroccan traditional soup that

we prepare especially in Ramadan, we eat

 Harira with dates and bread. 


Harira (Soupe Marocaine) حريرة



I invite you to watch the video 


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culinarydelights 08/12/2010 03:59

your h'rira looks very delicious!
I,also live in a hot tropical country where cold and snow are unkown......i don't miss the cold weather but rather the winter clothes .....lol
kisses and happy muslim new year

sister 02/12/2010 23:31

YES! it is nice and warm here in the sunshine state!!! yes sabah we are lucky we can have a whole lamb at eid warmth in the winter alhamdoillah!!!
but we don't have the sense of community here and i think we need that more then heat

levaliv 02/12/2010 21:06

Yes indeed it makes me jealous to hear that is still hot where you live .here in sweden it is still -14 and for a moroccan like me i really don´t like the cold but... thanks a lot for the harira i
haven´t prepared it since Ramadan. butYOuR HARIRA IS OFCOURSE THE BEST HARIRA. BEST WISHES

maida 29/08/2010 14:16

eh ben bravo pour les étapes!!!
je t'invites à rejoindre notre communauté de cuisine et patisserie du maroc

Matthieu 28/08/2010 14:41

Merci pour cette recette, cela me rappele de beaux jours autour de cette delicieuse soupe que je prefere à la chorba. La cuisine marocaine est vraiment unique. Bien qu'étant également au Maghreb,
je suis étonné de voir à quel point la cuisine marocaine diverge de celle de ses voisins, au niveau des épices par éxemple.Y - t-il une éxplication à cela?