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24 octobre 2011 1 24 /10 /octobre /2011 15:51

Hello my friends, I write you today because of the

ad which was displayed recently on my blogs,

it is inappropriate, it is displayed in some countries

and in others it is not, anyways here in the USA,

I find it all the time, it is true that I visit

the main page of my blog rarely but these last few 

days I have to verify the advertising.


I have written to the overblog platform 6 times maybe even more but they ignore my emails completely, I even asked them to permanently cancel the contract but they ignore my emails.


What really bothers me is that you my dear fans, especially that I have young fans who visit my blogs with their parents. I ask you for forgiveness, I am really not responsible, but I assure you one thing, I won't give up, I will bother overblog with my emails until I receive an answer. 


You are very dear to me. I respect you a lot,

and I will not allow a lack of respect shown

toward you.

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For your information, I read your blog from Spain, and I just want to let you now that I have never seen inappropriate advertising in your blog.

If overblog does not pay attention to your complaints, you can always migrate to other platforms. I recommend Wordpress, with no advertising at all.

I hope you can solve this issue. All the best and keep on with your great recipes.