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3 août 2011 3 03 /08 /août /2011 14:16

IMG 6856

This here is one of the simplest types of tagines, it's a farmer
style tagine if you will, made with ground beef, tomatoes,
spices and eggs.


I invite you to watch the video

IMG 6853
Tagine is a large basic part of the Moroccan food culture,
you can find almost everything possible in a tagine and
they are made many different ways.

The best way to eat a tagine is with homemade bread.
I have prepared a Moroccan semolina bread to accompany
my tagine, it's HERE.

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fafa 21/03/2010

très appétissant ton tagine$$

amour de cuisine 22/03/2010

eh bien venu ici, djouza vient de me le dire, comme ca on a des taches a faire, hihihihihi

Arlette 23/03/2010

Sabah, love your bread.. and love the caraway seeds in it...
Have you tried to bake a bread in a clay pot. I am going to try do one this week, i think it will replace the neighborhoud oven you are talking about. Even in Baalback - mom's village they used to
have Tannour in each neighborhood, and the bread in it taste amazing...completely different flavour...

Ann 14/10/2010

Looks lovely, I would love to own a real tagin pan one day. I am trying this recipe now!

Omm_Mohamed-Rayan 29/12/2011

machallah tres beau