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22 novembre 2012 4 22 /11 /novembre /2012 15:55
Krichlat of Achoura's recipe  
is a request from a fan, I dedicate this recipe to her 
 and I dedicate it to everyone who is far away from
Morocco and cannot buy these crunchy and delicious cookies 
which are sold in every market in Morocco especially during Achoura.
I invite you to atch the video
Krichlat Achoura (6)
 I am just like you, in Morocco, I like buying these Krichlats
especially from Jemaa El fna (Marrakesh), they are
so good but because I am very far from Jemaa El fna and Marrakesh , I have to prepare them at home, this recipe is a lot better  than these Krichlats which are sold in the Market,
at least you know the ingredients and you can decide
the quantity of every ingredient, If you like the
flavor of sesame seeds, you can add more, etc .
Krichlat Achoura (3)
  It is very easy to work the dough with your hand,
you do not need a machine.
Krichlat Achoura (8)
 It is very important to indicate that the sesame seeds
are roasted, also fennel and  anise, which gives
a very good flavor to these delicious cookies.
Krichlat Achoura (5)
You decide the size of Krichlats that
you want to obtain, by cutting them small or big.
Krichlat Achoura (2)
 I don't wait for Achoura to prepare them,
I always have them present for snack.
Krichlat Achoura (7)
Krichlat Achoura (1)

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silvi 04/12/2011 22:39

merci pour cette recette sousou , bisous

rose 14/07/2011 23:36

3tak lah saha, i tried them yesterday and my husband asked me to make them again, we laoved them so delecious, and healthy. thank you so much for your share, i am waiting now chebakiya, it looks
very delecious too. yammmmy
thanks sabah

sousoukitchen-en 15/07/2011 01:54

I posted chebakiya recipe, I posted actually 2 recipes of chebakiya.