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3 juin 2011 5 03 /06 /juin /2011 14:14

Msemen de Ramadan 


The recipe of Moroccan Msemen for Ramadan is

the last recipe that my sister Hayat prepared

for you before I left Morocco last summer

to return to the USA.



 I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article


Msemen de Ramadan


 To be honest with you, I completely forgot

this recipe, I came to these photos by accident,

I regrettably lost the video, so I have to film  the recipe again, I did not want to content myself with photos and to post you the written recipe, so this beautiful photos, are

Msemens of my sister Hayat.


Msemen de Ramadan


She was very generous and agreed to prepare you

many recipes that I have already posted.


"Thank you Hayat, you are an adorable person,

I am very proud to be your sister.

Allah ylakina fi sa mobaraka inchaallah. "



Msemen de Ramadan


 We prepare this Msemen in Morocco especially 

during the month of Ramadan


Msemen de Ramadan


Before folding Msemen, it is necessary to spread butter

and semolina before folding it, to give layers

  to the msemen after baking.



Msemen de Ramadan


You can sprinkle the surface of Msemen 

with sesame seeds before baking or leave without.



Msemen de Ramadan 


The video


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Adriana 24/06/2012 21:56

WOW This msemen looks fantastic! I've made msemen before but not the 4-in-1 type. This technique reminds me of the Egyptian fateer. I'm going to try folding it this way, I'm sure it's great with
all those layers of thin pastry. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe and the video.

asma 06/06/2011 19:40

Hi, thanks for this wonderful recipe! I've eaten a wonderful stuffed msemmen made by a Morroccan friend, and was wondering if you know how it's made?

sousoukitchen-en 14/06/2011 05:20

I have many Stuffed Msemen recipes, but I think that you are talking about this one :


Younima 05/06/2011 18:00

Juste voir la vidéo me met l'eau à la bouche... Je ne résiste pas.

Linaryan 04/06/2011 18:42

Hummmmmmmmmmm sublime

llysa 03/06/2011 16:35

tes m'ssemens sont extra merci pour la recette et la vidéo