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28 octobre 2013 1 28 /10 /octobre /2013 12:55




 I would like   to share with you an excellent recipe

"Orzo noodle Soup"

A great meal and can indeed

complete main courses.





The video



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Anonymous 05/02/2010

you are very smart, and i like your web site, could i use some of your menu in our web site; thanks!

rania 28/08/2010

perfect timing sousou!!! My husband just said lets take a break from harira today! I was going to make a vegetable soup but I will make this!!! choukran and welcome back..i hate leaving morocco!!!!

Matthieu 28/08/2010

May I ask you? if it is so nice in Morocco, why did you go to the USA? where you forced?

asma 28/08/2010

c ma chorba preferé merci sousou pour le partage saha ftorek

rania 31/08/2010

this soup was a success with my family! thanks!